Kostal steering column switch

From the early times, the steering wheels remain to be among the most important and basic necessities of all vehicles. What we need to appreciate is that the round thing you see on the drivers’ dashboard areas is never the real steering system. There is more into the steering system that people need to learn. Covering the steering wheel with leather isn’t enough to guarantee some good performance. It’s the steering column switch beneath the wheel that will ensure proper maneuvering of your car.

In the modern days, people want to issue the vehicle more instructions without necessarily having to move out of the dashboard. That has made the Kostal steering column be full of switches to many other systems of the vehicle. Kostal has come in to develop some of the most dependable and integrated modules of the steering column housing multi-switches around the column. The first designs were meant to operate the windscreen wipers and the direction indicators vial mechanical nature. These days, the column is more complex for the cars, buses and premium vehicles.

The Kostal steering column switch has an electronic unit that monitors the steering angle of the vehicle. It also monitors the data coming from the controls integrated on the steering wheel, gear selector and the cruise systems.

You need to pick a column switch that won’t go out of the market tomorrow. Kostal steering column switch is among those designed for today as well as the future safety needs. They are compatible with many other modern car systems and can be used in a wide range of car brands. Regarding installation, you can have them independently, integrated in steering column module or as standalone sensors.

Repute is not an issue with Kostal as the company has already established itself having been in the market for the last 50 years.

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