Things to Do for a One Day Stay in Plovdiv

You think you can travel Plovdiv for just one day? No, you cannot, but surely when you leave you can take a precious memory with you. First of all you have to plan right your one day stay in Plovdiv. You can choose from many proposals and here are some that are very convenient for a free day.

Bulgaria is spa destination, so Plovdiv can give you the opportunity for a whole day dedicated to your body, mental and psychical relax, and numerous procedures that will take the weight of your body and will give you best treatment. Conditions are suitable for men and women, and include a large number of procedures that are popular all over the world.

For the cuisine lovers there are a lot of proposals. For its special guest Plovdiv has a chocolate factory, modern bakeries with their authentic recipes, fantastic restaurants where you can try the most typical dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine. For people who are gourmets in the shower, we offer their one-day stay in Plovdiv to coincide with a one-day culinary tour.

If you are more fan of Dionysus then the kitchen, then you will have one transcendent day in some of the proposed wine cellars. They are enough in Plovdiv – luxurious and famous cellars, boutique ones, local winiries, and so on – thus your choice is not going to be easy. Every wine lover knows the magick hidden in a glass of wine, if ypu are one of the, here is your great one day stay.

It is not just travel Plovdiv; it’s a race against time so that you can see for a few hours some part of the city’s cultural heritage. As we suggested at the beginning of the article, you can see only few things in a day, but let them be the best – see and photo yourself at the Roman theatre. If your one-day stay coincides with a live performance in the theater, feel blessed – it is a unique and powerful experience.

In fact, if you break through, you can pull out dozens of opportunities to do in Plovdiv if you have a free day in town. It is enough to be flexible, to love the challenge, to be a fan of modern urban culture, and of course to recognize the places in which you would feel good.