Which things belong in the camper?

What to buy for original equipment in motor homes, which cost more and how do I load my motorhome right?

Again and again we have been in great demand by Caravan newcomers: “Do you have everything needed for your camper?”
What is it useful and elementary, which is a luxury, a toy and what it can perhaps do without during the weight reduction?

So we thought that we now simply give you, dear readers, a little insight into the cabinets, storage boxes, bags and boxes of our motorhome.

At the same time, we evaluated each featured items, so that everyone can equally get an idea of ​​how much we are “worth” the objects and whether we view this as fundamental for our camper, or not.

When we started writing this overview, we wanted to limit ourselves only to the equipment list initially. Quickly we realized that the equipment actually represents only a small part of the issues around the camper. What good is an example of the best camping gear when the camper thereafter is hopelessly overloaded? And so many things like equipment, charging scheme, security, operation and functioning of such access interlocked that we have the same 4 chapters written on this subject and written. Of course, we here do not claim to be complete! One might have things in his mobile home, to which we ourselves have not even thought of yet. Also, one must always bear in mind the type of motorhome owners. We stand as a campsite users much on electricity, therefore less gas need (more on that later). But whoever is free, which is our “solution gas” might have less joy.

Also we have almost 30-year-old base vehicle and other requirements, how to make it, for example, to a modern vehicle.

For this reason (only once as an example) we can serve our RV equipment list at most only as a general guideline and reference points. So to speak, you are allowed once daily with us and be inspired get what you can use for your equipment. We want to convey, which is important to us!

By the way: We start especially for the beginners in the field camper with our list at “zero”!
So many experienced Womo- driver might shake the study of our equipment list head and wonder why we are for obvious things such as a simple plug CEE and he has made so much trouble! But just for Womo- newcomers who do not yet know exactly how a mobile home works, should this brief overview also represent a bit “first aid” and so we carry out here all the details.

Furthermore, we have provided a better orientation of each object described with stars, thus optically our personal value is shown.
However, this is as I said only a rough guide and reflects represent our personal opinion.