Things to Do for a One Day Stay in Plovdiv

You think you can travel Plovdiv for just one day? No, you cannot, but surely when you leave you can take a precious memory with you. First of all you have to plan right your one day stay in Plovdiv. You can choose from many proposals and here are some that are very convenient for a free day.

Bulgaria is spa destination, so Plovdiv can give you the opportunity for a whole day dedicated to your body, mental and psychical relax, and numerous procedures that will take the weight of your body and will give you best treatment. Conditions are suitable for men and women, and include a large number of procedures that are popular all over the world.

For the cuisine lovers there are a lot of proposals. For its special guest Plovdiv has a chocolate factory, modern bakeries with their authentic recipes, fantastic restaurants where you can try the most typical dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine. For people who are gourmets in the shower, we offer their one-day stay in Plovdiv to coincide with a one-day culinary tour.

If you are more fan of Dionysus then the kitchen, then you will have one transcendent day in some of the proposed wine cellars. They are enough in Plovdiv – luxurious and famous cellars, boutique ones, local winiries, and so on – thus your choice is not going to be easy. Every wine lover knows the magick hidden in a glass of wine, if ypu are one of the, here is your great one day stay.

It is not just travel Plovdiv; it’s a race against time so that you can see for a few hours some part of the city’s cultural heritage. As we suggested at the beginning of the article, you can see only few things in a day, but let them be the best – see and photo yourself at the Roman theatre. If your one-day stay coincides with a live performance in the theater, feel blessed – it is a unique and powerful experience.

In fact, if you break through, you can pull out dozens of opportunities to do in Plovdiv if you have a free day in town. It is enough to be flexible, to love the challenge, to be a fan of modern urban culture, and of course to recognize the places in which you would feel good.

Kostal steering column switch

From the early times, the steering wheels remain to be among the most important and basic necessities of all vehicles. What we need to appreciate is that the round thing you see on the drivers’ dashboard areas is never the real steering system. There is more into the steering system that people need to learn. Covering the steering wheel with leather isn’t enough to guarantee some good performance. It’s the steering column switch beneath the wheel that will ensure proper maneuvering of your car.

In the modern days, people want to issue the vehicle more instructions without necessarily having to move out of the dashboard. That has made the Kostal steering column be full of switches to many other systems of the vehicle. Kostal has come in to develop some of the most dependable and integrated modules of the steering column housing multi-switches around the column. The first designs were meant to operate the windscreen wipers and the direction indicators vial mechanical nature. These days, the column is more complex for the cars, buses and premium vehicles.

The Kostal steering column switch has an electronic unit that monitors the steering angle of the vehicle. It also monitors the data coming from the controls integrated on the steering wheel, gear selector and the cruise systems.

You need to pick a column switch that won’t go out of the market tomorrow. Kostal steering column switch is among those designed for today as well as the future safety needs. They are compatible with many other modern car systems and can be used in a wide range of car brands. Regarding installation, you can have them independently, integrated in steering column module or as standalone sensors.

Repute is not an issue with Kostal as the company has already established itself having been in the market for the last 50 years.

Car parts can be purchased on

5 Tips for the first RV trip

Whether in the USA, in Spain or in Germany – you feel like the adventure camper? Here you get 10 useful tips for your first trip with the camper.


Caravan is not equal. You have the choice between family carriages, luxury cars and the classic alcove model.


For most providers, you must be 21 or even 25 years old at time of rental and have a year’s driving experience


For journeys within the EU a regular German license for category B. Only enough Caravan giant weighing over 3.5 t require license category C1. For non-European Travel should take to bring an international driver’s license to take (a cost of about 15 €).


Have you found your desired mobile, get thoroughly acquainted with the technique. As campers newbie you should acquire before traveling a little driving experience. When maneuvering (Parking) you get a feel for the dimensions of your motorhome and learn better estimate the unusual space conditions. Practice is best for two, so your passenger off and you can ward when parking.

When driving, you will learn to handle a massive vehicle and you get used to the new conditions: Lowered speed, obstacles such as low hanging bridges, more distance to the vehicle etc. Special traffic signs apply only to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. The same rules are for the truck apply.


The rented mobile homes should be checked before each journey, whether the equipment complies with the requirements. Check fuses and connectors, adapters for outlets on the pitch, power cables, water tank, toilet, etc. Pay particular attention to the TÜV seal of the liquefied gas installation (max. 2 years old) and proper tires.


An RV trip is mainly characterized by spontaneity: you can park wherever you want. However, you should make sure in advance that you do not just choose the closest mountain roads.


There are now Navis, the routes can rule with tight bends or low bridges.

Which things belong in the camper?

What to buy for original equipment in motor homes, which cost more and how do I load my motorhome right?

Again and again we have been in great demand by Caravan newcomers: “Do you have everything needed for your camper?”
What is it useful and elementary, which is a luxury, a toy and what it can perhaps do without during the weight reduction?

So we thought that we now simply give you, dear readers, a little insight into the cabinets, storage boxes, bags and boxes of our motorhome.

At the same time, we evaluated each featured items, so that everyone can equally get an idea of ​​how much we are “worth” the objects and whether we view this as fundamental for our camper, or not.

When we started writing this overview, we wanted to limit ourselves only to the equipment list initially. Quickly we realized that the equipment actually represents only a small part of the issues around the camper. What good is an example of the best camping gear when the camper thereafter is hopelessly overloaded? And so many things like equipment, charging scheme, security, operation and functioning of such access interlocked that we have the same 4 chapters written on this subject and written. Of course, we here do not claim to be complete! One might have things in his mobile home, to which we ourselves have not even thought of yet. Also, one must always bear in mind the type of motorhome owners. We stand as a campsite users much on electricity, therefore less gas need (more on that later). But whoever is free, which is our “solution gas” might have less joy.

Also we have almost 30-year-old base vehicle and other requirements, how to make it, for example, to a modern vehicle.

For this reason (only once as an example) we can serve our RV equipment list at most only as a general guideline and reference points. So to speak, you are allowed once daily with us and be inspired get what you can use for your equipment. We want to convey, which is important to us!

By the way: We start especially for the beginners in the field camper with our list at “zero”!
So many experienced Womo- driver might shake the study of our equipment list head and wonder why we are for obvious things such as a simple plug CEE and he has made so much trouble! But just for Womo- newcomers who do not yet know exactly how a mobile home works, should this brief overview also represent a bit “first aid” and so we carry out here all the details.

Furthermore, we have provided a better orientation of each object described with stars, thus optically our personal value is shown.
However, this is as I said only a rough guide and reflects represent our personal opinion.